The Law Firm Mgr. Hana Kuncová provides its clients with complete legal services according to Czech law.

Legal services provided to the clients of the law firm mainly include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

- European Law
- Commercial Law
- Bankruptcy Law
- Labour Law
- Civil Law
- Housing Law

- Family Law
- Judicial and Administrative Proceedings
- Car Insurance Law
- Criminal Law
- Rights to Intangible Property


The Law Firm provides legal services both to companies and individuals.

Legal services are provided in Czech, English or German language as the clients may require.

The Law Firm provides legal services also in cooperation with private executors, notaries and court interpreters in German and English language as well as tax advisors.

We are also able to arrange for legal services to be provided to our clients in German and Slovak laws through the correspondent law firms based at Bratislava and Dresden.

For further details please call +420 241 402 235 or send us an e-mail at or use the following form.